Think Responsive

Taraneh Salke is the founder and executive director of Think Responsive, formerly known as Family Health Alliance (FHA), a nonprofit organization focused on advancement of women’s reproductive health and rights in resource poor environments.

As Think Responsive’s director, Taraneh designed and implemented over 30 training programs in Afghanistan, training hundreds of local health providers on strategies to reduce maternal and infant mortality. Her understanding of Afghan culture, fluency in local language, and her ability to work closely with locals has led to innovative and successful public health programs in Afghanistan over the past 15 years. Taraneh’s efforts and advocacy in women’s health established the rationale for education and involvement of ordinary Afghan men in advancement of women’s heath in Afghanistan.

The success of her programs has led to concrete policy changes at both local and national government levels to include men in family planning and reproductive health training programs at the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan for the first time. Under Family Health Alliance, the organization has trained over 1300 female and male doctors, nurses and midwives from over 20 provinces in Afghanistan. Think Responsive has provided education in family planning and reproductive health to over 25,000 people in rural areas. The overwhelming majority of people receiving information and education are Afghan men in villages.

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